Community Comments

ANNANDALE 2038 21/07/2022

"I am signing as public transport particularly in the city and inner city is so important. It should be regular and cover all sections and bus stops should be regular so that older people can have access to buses without having to walk long distances."

 PYRMONT 2009 22/07/2022

"389 Bus into CBD is no longer of any use with the change in route."

 SYDNEY 2000 22/07/2022

"Good and logical public transport is vital for our community."

 PYRMONT 2009 24/07/2022

"I want a ferry stop at Pirrama park and better transport to the northern end of the CBD. Our bus services over the last 15 years have gradually become useless. Stop at Maritime Museum removed, no direct service to Circular Quay, QVB stop removed, King St stop removed etc etc."

PYRMONT 2009 24/07/2022

"A bus stop further north in the CBD is needed. A ferry stop at Pirrama Park would service Barangaroo for the huge population on the Pyrmont peninsula."

PYRMONT 2009 24/07/2022

"I’m signing because I have severe arthritis in my feet & other joints. I cannot walk to & from the city without pain. Public transport here does not cater for shift work, does not connect easily with other public transport & does not go in the right direction (Wynyard? The Rocks? Royal Prince Alfred Hospital? Broadway Shopping Centre?) The last 2 destinations are important for an aging population, yet they are completely ignored by Transport NSW. Taking public transport from Pyrmont to RPAH can take up to 1 1/2 hours with walking between bus stops and waiting times between the 2 services available to us. It takes just over 10 minutes by car."

PYRMONT 2009 24/07/2022

"Pyrmont needs better transport options like we used to have."

ROSEVILLE 2069 24/07/2022

"Public transport is an essential service. Good for people and the environment. We also need fewer cars in the city."


ANNANDALE 2038 25/07/2022

"Bus service is unreliable; it is 2022 and one of the most densely populated suburbs in Australia has a substandard public transport system."


BRISBANE 4000 25/07/2022

"Public transport is essential."


BRISBANE 4207 27/07/2022

"For the second day this week four 389 buses have been cancelled in a row during peak hours (4-5pm). It’s only Wednesday- I dread to think what the rest of the week will be like."


ULTIMO 2007 29/07/2022

"The removal of the York St bus stop makes no sense. It’s very hard to access the centre of the city - the nearest stop is now Town Hall which is quite a walk for older people or those with young children, prams etc. the light rail stops are too far apart. The 389 is unreliable and often cancelled. There’s no east-west transport - if you want to go up to Macquarie St from the western side of the city the only option is to walk. The government wants people back in the city but makes it too difficult, so we give up. And a bike path right outside the Theatre Royal is plain stupid. Most theatre patrons are 60+ and e-bikes whizzing past when patrons are spilling out at the end of a show is an accident waiting to happen."


REDFERN 2016 29/07/2022

"Public Transport should not be driven by profit but by community needs."


SYDNEY 2000 3/08/2022 

"We need a reliable and convenient bus service that starts opposite the light rail station on Murray Street not down near the casino. Why doesn’t the 389-bus start and finish at the Maritime Museum as before !!!!"


PYRMONT 2009 5/08/2022 

"The decisions made about bus, ferry transport between Pyrmont and CBD are disgraceful compared to what we had in the past. We are going backwards not forwards as the Pyrmont peninsula population increased."


PYRMONT 2009 6/08/2022 

"We need these services."


DARLINGHURST 2010 8/08/2022 

"I do not want any further degradation of extremely valuable bus routes, like the 389, brought about by incremental & stealthy removal of stops and reduction of services. It's recently happened to the 311 route and has already significantly diminished the mobility and amenity of people who have used this route for many years."


PYRMONT 2009 13/08/2022

"We need a bus from Pyrmont that stops on King St again for those who work in the city and for the less mobile."


PYRMONT 2009 25/08/2022

"We are going backwards! I’ve lived here for 17 years, and transport service continues to go backwards, not forwards. We need the king street bus stop and more seating on the bus stops for the elderly."



SYDNEY 2000 25/08/2022

"Unless a bus stop is put on Murray St near the light rail station, I am unable to use public transport again."


BALMAIN 2041 25/08/2022 

"I would like more available time and type of transport options."



PYRMONT 2009 27/08/2022

"The bus service's first stop is Town Hall. It could easily stop in York St near King Street, but this was changed without consultation of Pyrmont residents. It is extremely inconvenient to not have a stop nearer to King St as it was previously. The proposed bus stop near the Pyrmont Bay Ferry is a sensible proposal. The current stops at the end of the route to Pyrmont are nonsensical. There should be a stop in Murray St as proposed."