•  Pyrmont is a thriving inner-city suburb 2km south-west of the Sydney CBD. It has a mixed demographic with a wide age range and includes residents and businesses.


  • We are a group of residents committed to seeking improvements to public transport in Pyrmont to benefit residents, businesses, visitors and tourism.


  • There is no public transport in Pyrmont from midnight to 5am. This is a problem for hospitality and shift workers, as well as residents.


  • The main Pyrmont bus, No. 389, consistently runs late and too many scheduled services are cancelled with little or no notice.


  • The 389-bus route has also changed significantly. In 2021 the King Street bus stop in the city was removed without consultation to create a cycleway. This leaves only one stop on Park Street close to Town Hall. The stop outside the Maritime Museum in Pyrmont was also removed for a cycleway, and there is now no stop close to Pyrmont Bay ferry or the light rail.


  • The F10 ferry service from Barangaroo was restored after Covid, but only from Barangaroo to Glebe. It passes close to Pirrama Park every 30 minutes but does not stop to collect paying passengers. There is no logic to this. 


  • Transport NSW advises that the timetable cannot be adjusted to pick up or drop off passengers at Pirrama Park. We say, expand the timetable to fit. The people of Pyrmont need a ferry and will use it.


  • The cuts to the bus and ferry stops mean that locals are once again relying on private vehicles, taxis and Ubers, in contrast to the government’s stated efforts to reduce carbon emissions.