This ferry previously stopped at Pirrama Park,  Pyrmont.


This is the 389 bus which no longer stops in King Street, CBD. There is no bus stop between Harris St and Town Hall.

Pyrmont Peninsula Public Transport Forum



Pyrmont and surrounding areas 

are poorly served by bus, light rail and ferry.

They have been severely reduced in recent times without consultation.


1. Replace the cancelled King Street bus stop in the city centre, preferably at 32 York Street.

2. Replace the cancelled Maritime Museum bus stop with a stop close to Pyrmont Bay Ferry and the Light Rail station.

3. Restore the F10 ferry stop at Pirrama Park.


1. An efficient 24-hour public transport service suitable for the needs of Pyrmont.

2. An additional bus service that starts and ends in Pyrmont with stops in Missenden Road for health services, parts of Glebe and the new Fish Market. 


Pyrmont is a thriving inner-city suburb 2km southwest of the Sydney central business district. It has a mixed demographic of residents and businesses with a wide age range and includes professionals, families, students, retirees, small to medium size businesses, cafes, restaurants, art galleries and event spaces.

We are a group of dedicated residents seeking improvements to public transport for locals, workers (including shift workers), businesses and tourists.

There is no public transport in Pyrmont from midnight to 5 am. This is a problem for hospitality, shift workers, and residents. The 501 bus runs until 3 am on Friday and Saturday nights but has a limited route and is not a solution.

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Despite being identified as a priority growth region for Sydney poised for rapid growth, Pyrmont actually has the lowest number of transportation routes in the Sydney Metro area at only 4 - and one of them is a school bus! 


Figures from demographic platform and consulting group AreaSearch, that assess all transportation data across the country, show just how dire the situation in Pyrmont is.  

 Pyrmont's four routes (389 bus, light rail, 501 bus and the Ultimo Primary School bus) trail the Greater Sydney average of 48 routes per area substantially.  

Further, with an estimated population level of 13,001 residents, as of June 2022 according to recent ABS data, Pyrmont possesses one transport route for every 3,250 people compared to the Sydney average of one route for every 429 people. 

 This situation is even worse when considering 18,812 people also reported Pyrmont as their primary workplace at the 2021 Census!

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We have the support of the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Councillors, our Local Member

and the Minister for Transport

We have held seven Community Forums with increasing numbers of residents 

and  interested parties from Pyrmont and surrounding areas.

Key speakers who have expressed their support at these forums are:

· The Hon. Jo Haylen, Minister for Transport

· Alex Greenwich MP (Independent for Sydney)

· Kobi Shetty MP (The Greens, Balmain)

· Philippa Scott MP (Labor, Balmain)

· Linda Scott (Councillor, City of Sydney)

· Jace Tyrrell (CEO, New Sydney Waterfront)

· Jon Stewart (The Star Casino)

We currently have over 1500 signatures on our petitions

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